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Corporate Info

Portsmouth Cycle Exchange Ltd operates as a multiple service provider ensuring we offer a “one stop shop” when it comes to your business cycling needs.

We understand that safety and service along with cost effectiveness is at the forefront of our customers minds. 

See http://cycle-exchange.co.uk/about_us


*Online website & helpfull Bicycle purchase system for the public, retailing a large number of top cycling brands.

*Provider of large quantities of Bicycles for corporate customers. (All quantities can be discussed)

*Bespoke Bicycle orders undertaken and manufactured to the colour and specification of your choice.

*Service and maintenance provider, maintaining large quantities of Bicycles on location or remotely.

*Stockists of all Bicycle types, Hybrid, ATB, Road, Work Bikes etc.

*Stockists of the leading industry names Raleigh, Pashley, Ridgeback, GT, Probike and many more……

*Bicycle hire fleets available.

*Cycle tender suppliers, offering specialist company Bicycle / P&A supply rates and I.T solutions.

*Parts and accessories supplier.

Free consultation and quote service available on request.

Portsmouth Cycle Exchange are passionate to deal with ANY enquiry you have, contact us today to discuss your business further in detail.

If you have a service or product request that isn’t listed / on our site, need a specific product, have an idea or need some friendly advice then pick up the phone.

“Speak to us and we will make it happen!”

Telephone: 02392 832066    

Email: info@cycle-exchange.co.uk 

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