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Ridgeback Scoot 12"


Ridgeback Scoot 12" 00041

Key features include:

  • Lightweight aluminium frame with low step-over crossbar
  • Alloy rims with pneumatic tyres
  • Learn the basics of braking
  • Promotes learning through play
  • Teaches balance and co-ordination and develops confidence
  • Increases strength & physical fitness

With the Ridgeback Scoot, balance is quickly learned without
the distraction of pedaling.

The Scoot balance bike makes the transition between walking,
freewheeling and steering simple, whilst the rear brake

establishes early understanding of how to slow down. Once
balance is mastered, it’s then just a small step to move onto a
bike with pedals without the need for stabilisers.

The high specification list includes a lightweight alloy frame,
alloy rims and semi-slick tyres. With full bearings throughout,
domed wheel nuts, safety tabs and a rear V-brake, there really
is no better beginner bike than the Ridgeback Scoot.

£115 In stock